32 days.  I should be packing, organizing, or something important but here I am registering my new blog

I’ll be posting here long before I layout the design, so bear with me!  I want to practice putting together regular posts, writing, and generating new ideas even if the site isn’t polished and tickety-boo.

Keep in mind that we are relocating our family 277 kilometers away in 32 days, so immediate attention to setting up the site will take a back seat until we are settled.

I’m still rather excited to begin sharing my daily eff-it and more with you and am eager to get started right away.  I guess what I’m trying to say is, “Be patient with me, I promise it will get better!”

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  1. Awesome Karen. Well done. Excited for the four of you. Wishing you all a safe journey to your new home. Looking forward to reading your blogs. All the very best. Marina

  2. Awesome job Karen. Well done very excited for the four of you. All the very best for this journey to your new home and life. Looking forward to reading about everything weekly
    Please give Jimmy a hug for me. All the very best. Marina

    • Thanks Marina. We can’t wait for our new adventure starts! Watch it unfold here…welcome 🙂

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