Wish I eff-in remembered about…

We move three weeks from today.  3 weeks!  On that day, July 14th we will have lived here for 8 years and 16 days. It’s been ages since I had to organize a move!



How bloody awful moving is…moving

You take inventory of everything you own, box it up and put it on a truck sending it to your final destination where you will do everything in reverse.  At our age looking ahead to this task, it felt gargantuan, and quite frankly like it might kill me!  But I was never so excited.  So where’s the good in this?  We purged more than a ton of stuff we no longer used.  Throwing away some, yard selling the rest, anything left over from that went to the local charity shops.  Wahoo!

How much administrative and paper work there is to moving.

Our dining room table has become an office and the phone calls and paperwork have me dreaming of hiring an office temp, seriously!  Very grateful to be off work through all of this to make it all happen.


stuffHow so few of my possessions mean anything to me at all!

I wouldn’t’ve let the shit take up space all of these years!  Some terrific people came by the Moving Sale last Saturday and they were happy to pay us to take this stuff away!  Everybody wins.


How organized you need to be.papers

In order to make everything go smoothly, you need to be organized…This is hard for me, this is the shit that takes me down, keeps me awake at night and cuts down LOTS of trees! Everywhere you look there are notes, notebooks, lists, labels, sticky notes, boxes, and packing paper.  My heart is crying for the trees!

Well, we’re getting closer to the day and no amount of whingeing and complaining will slow down time!  Believe me, I’ve tried.

On that note, I may have been a bit overzealous promising two posts per week, so for the next four weeks I will be checking in once per week to keep you updated, and informed!

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  1. So so so proud and happy for you!! As you know I took same path last year and I feel your elation!! I got rid of about 70% of what I owned. After almost a year I’m already accumulating too much crap and need to purge again, although I try and be careful and selective as to what comes in. The key for me is to do it regularly and
    stay on top of it. I’m grateful I was able to take on such a big move at this point in my life also. Hope all goes smoothly!

    • The work to get there almost seems insurmountable at this stage of the game! We are all so excited to get our new life started in the beautiful Kawarthas Keep all of your beautiful pictures coming on Facebook, we look forward to them. With our simpler lifestyle, a trip to Beautiful British Columbia will be in order!

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