What do you mean I still have to cook?


Somewhere between the phone calls, packing, and shuttling people and unwanted shit to where they/it needs to be dropped off, I am expected to feed the ones I love!

Just order a pizza, you might say, or perhaps you can pick up something from Antipastos…

eff-that!  Welcome to Whisk my Guerrilla Kitchen…

In my latest dig in the deep freeze I was pleased to come across a package of chicken thighs, ahhh tonight my boys, we will stray away from pasta…

Now to find a recipe!  Hmmmm cookbooks are packed, so are the recipe cards, so off to the internet I go in search of a recipe for chicken thighs that everyone will like…

Good ‘ol dependable (and Canadian) Chef Michael Smith’s Caribbean Braised Chicken Thighs recipe looks/sounds both terrific and delicious!  But mangoes, pineapple juice, and knobs of ginger?  Really?  This girl is packing, purging, and cleaning house!

Back to the internet I go…

Next stop www.skinnytaste.com, one of my faves for healthy family friendly recipes…Embarrassingly Easy Crock Pot chicken!

Wahoo embarrassingly easy, what could be better?

You know what could be better?  If I hadn’t packed the eff-in crock pot, that’s what!!

I could BBQ, but I’m feeling more like making Oven Fried Chicken.

It’s easy, the kid’s’ll eat it without complaints, and most importantly the ingredient list is SHORT-ish and what I need to pull this off has not yet made it into a box!

Wish me luck!signature Karen



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