Looks like we made it!

Well, it’s been exactly two weeks that we’ve been here at the new house.

We’ve mostly unpacked and re-embedded our remaining crap into the nooks and crannies of our new home.

Turns out we all could’ve gotten rid of much much more stuff… More on my constant battle with STUFF another time!

So far, living in a rural community is agreeing with us.  Our biggest challenges to date?  Realizing that our Village closes down tighter than a drum by 6 pm. Remembering to check and double check our shopping lists for our trips into town.  Forgetting something on the list can sometimes be costly in both time and money!  Our last big challenge?

ant ribbon

Now as any modern homeowner with a computer and an internet connection would do, I “Googled it”

Turns out “how to get rid of ants” is too broad a term to search.  Ants come in all shapes, sizes, and colours.  So I started by trying to identify exactly what kind of ant we’re dealing with, and it turns out these little bad boys are Sugar Ants.  Teeny, tiny, light brown, and very diligent little pests!

A quick Pinterest romp yesterday had me putting drops of various types of essential oils on cotton balls and placing them into the corners of the cabinets.  Apparently obstructing their path with strong smells such as peppermint and tea tree, or eucalyptus oil will throw them off their path and send the little buggers packing.

The same Pinterest romp then had me running out to our local hardware shop to buy diatomaceous earth, ahh my troubles were going to be over!  This natural remedy coupled with the essential oils, and who needs poison?

Just a quick clean-up, distribute the diatomaceous earth and “Bob’s your Uncle”, problem solved, right?

Ummm No…turns out I need poison.

This morning these little buggers were marching around the diatomaceous earth to get to the good stuff.

Back to Google and probably the hardware store!  Wish me luck and if you’ve battled, and won against these little creatures, pass your success stories my way!

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