Country Livin’

According to the sign welcoming passers-by, the Village that we’ve moved to has a population of 1,300.  I guess that would make us 1,301, 1,302, 1,303 & 1,304!

Life here is much quieter than we are all used to, as with anything new there is an adjustment period.

We moved from a thoroughfare in a mid-sized city where the action never seemed to stop, to a rural community where if you want action you need to get in your car and seek it out or create it yourself.

Our old home had us waking to a dead guy in our front garden, fornicating couples in our backyard, and a car flying through the snow covered street right onto our front porch!  Thank-you very much!

So you can see where we might be a bit jumpy and anxious at times here in this peaceful quiet place!!

When is this freaky heat going to back the f**k off??

During this drought-ridden summer, we would definitely tell you that the most difficult adjustment has been moving to a home without central air!

Could it get any eff-in hotter?

It sure as heck could!  On today’s menu, we have Zucchini Lasagna from my go-to site for healthy spins on meals for the family:


lasagna cooked

None of the men in my life (with the exception of the cat, who happened to be at the vet) were too pleased when I answered their questions of “What’s for dinner?” with Zucchini Lasagna…

And nothing gets my blood boiling quicker than people who refuse to help, or learn to cook complain about what I’m preparing for them!

Guess what?

They liked it!

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