It’s been a long time…

Oh Hi there!

Well, what started out as a commitment to daily posts, gradually backed off to weekly posts, then I was lucky if I put up a monthly post!

Obviously, I have commitment issues with my creativity.

Maybe it’s better if I’m honest here.
I have no excuses. None.

As usual, my mind has been drifting down the river of life without ever applying my ideas and thoughts to anything whatsoever! I’m sure I’m not alone when I say I find it easier to post about progress and successes rather than stagnating, struggling, and the negative effects of winter.  I mean, who wants to hear about the sad and often uninteresting facts of my life?  Pfffft I don’t even want to know about that shit!

With the daily reminders of how broken this world is my empathic brain becomes easily mired in tears. Needless to say, it’s been a long winter!

There have been high points and low points since my last post 7 months ago.

Here are some of the things we’ve been up to:

Jim and I designed, built and installed a leaf mold for our composting system. This was very easy to do and it saves buying, filling and dragging to the curb those big awkward paper yard bags. Just rake leaves onto a tarp and carry & dump them in the leaf mold. Even if you don’t bother with a compost heap or bin, they’ll break down over the winter and you can use the compost in your spring garden!





I made some paw balm for Mildred.  The idea is you are supposed to put it on her paw pads before a winter walk to protect her from the salt and dirt on the winter roads.  It turned out great! Only problem? She spends the evening obsessively licking her paws. Now if she sees the jar, she acts like it’s a treat!

Now that the weather is improving Jim’s been using it on his dry elbows and I put it on my feet before bed!

Thank-you Mildred!!







J found plans online for a trebuchet/catapult.  He and his father put together this bad boy…H is helping with the finishing touches here with his father. Neighbours and waterfowl beware!


Ahh, the fence.

This was a biggie!

When we had J’s bedroom renovated we thought that the wood we pulled out of there (it was completely paneled in rough pine wood including the floors and ceiling-think “Hunt Cabin Chic”) would be enough to make half of the fence.  Well, it turned out that we got about 1/3 of the fence (not including the gates) out of that room.  We were still happy with our results!  We saved money on the wood while upgrading the property.

The “fence” that was there before was a broken, leaning, crooked, twisted length of lattice it was draped with wild and untended grape vines and the whole mess couldn’t keep anything out much less a growing puppy inside. The results are a huge improvement!  More than a couple of mistakes, but fully functional and finished – ready for paint.

As you can see we keep ourselves busy up here!  Winter really wasn’t that bad.  It was actually quite nice to have consistent snow and cold weather.  I was happy to spring the clocks forward last weekend, it’s the dark that drags me down more than the season. The family was hardly sick at all and the boys were actually able to toboggan this year.

I couldn’t be more ready for spring and all that it has to offer.  How ’bout you?


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